STARWARS: The Battle of Yavin

STARWARS: The Battle of Yavin 1.1

The Battle of Yavin challenges players to take on the role of Luke

STARWARS The Battle of Yavin 1.1 is a software role playing 3D arcade game program that challenges players to take on the role of Luke, in the driving seat, to destroy a death star with 30 rebel ships in the Battle of Yavin, which is based on the Star Wars film.

6 stages play continuously in STARWARS The Battle of Yavin 1.1, and a label in the GUI indicates them. Also indicated in the GUI is how many wing mates you have left, including yourself. A radar panel is also featured and that shows up red dots for the rebels and green dots for the empire. Players can control the game with their joystick or mouse. Using the left button of the mouse, players can fire laser shots, which have three mode settings that can be changed with the X key on their keyboards.

The challenge presented in STARWARS The Battle of Yavin 1.1 is to win the game by destroying the death star revealed in stage 6 with proton torpedoes that are not available until players reach stage 6 and are fired from their right mouse button. Players are advised to cover their friends and with good points scoring they can gain extra x-wings. Torpedoes cannot be used until the Darth Vader stage where Ben Kenobi will tell players to ‘use the force’ to decrease Darth Vader’s laser. The interface is very easy to use and practice flying in the 3D space environment will quickly enable players to gain the skills they need to complete their mission. Excellent Star Wars sounds are heard during play.

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